We offer customized beanbags for corporate events, gatherings, or promotional purposes. Comfortable seating with your company logo at a conference, any course or training session - Turbo Beanbags are the way to go!

Turbo Beanbags can be used as fixtures at any sporting event, under a roof or in a stadium. We can prepare special custom advertising logo of your company right on the beanbags. A modern form of advertising of your company!

We offer :

  • Chairs for relaxation in addition to manufacturing
  • Two different types of custom printing/embroidery for advertising (offset method or embroidery)
  • Custom shapes of beanbags to satisfy any desire. Each order must be discussed with a Turbo beds representative prior to order.
  • For all custom orders deadlines will be set to satisfy the customer experience.

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*On all custom orders prices will vary. Please contact one of our representatives to place your order immediately.