We are pleased to announce that pCon 3D Design Software is now available for all Cilek sales points with no charge. Now, you will be able to easily make realistic demonstrations and visualizations of Turbobeds rooms in 3D to your customers, which would certainly help you to finalize and increase sales.

This software is quite easy to use and requires no professional training at all. Your salespeople can simply learn and start outputting impressive Cilek room designs with it in a brief time.

Another great feature of this software is that Turbobeds shall be providing you free continuous support for providing up-to-date pCon Cilek product files.

To start using pCon software, please follow these steps:

1.       Download and install pCon software by clicking below link:



2.       Download pCon Cilek product files by clicking below link:



3.       Refer to below given links and attached document for pCon training.




In order to increase the efficiency, we recommend you to keep Cilek files downloaded at your computer and only download newly updated files, following Cilek’s announcement.

We kindly ask replacement of any previous design software such as Arcon with pCon, since no further support shall be provided by Cilek for other software.


Second option would be to email a sketch showing the dimensions of your room, you can enjoy the free of charge consultancy service delivered by our interior designers, with 3D drawings illustrating the finished layout of your room.

This enables you to select the most suited products for your room, along with a preview at the layout of the furnished space, which you can rely on your decision.

Furthermore by enjoying the free of charge Interiors Project Design Consultancy services delivered by our designers, you can get the most trendy design tips and take advantage of their in-depth expert opinions to furnish your room suited for your needs and demands.