Captain Hook

Captain Hook

Ahoy, Mates! Dreams really do come true when a boy has his own pirate ship bedroom! Turbobed’s Captain Hook Collection sprinkles magic fairy dust on your child’s imagination with a pirate ship bed, complete with a mast with striped sails flying, and a wardrobe and 4-drawer chest to stow his gear! The matching desk and nightstand fly the red and navy pirate colors, against warm chestnut woodgrain finish. Accessories like a burnished gold ship’s wheel mirror, a table lamp and hanging light add the touches that give his room an authentic pirate’s den style. The 6-piece bedding set is premium quality, with a comforter and washable duvet cover, embroidered with sailing ships, wheels and anchors in red, navy and white. Matching décor pillows make his captain’s quarters cozy when it’s time to tuck in your little buccaneer!

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Pirate Bed (mattress included) -10%

Pirate Bed (mattress included)

  PIRATE DÉCOR: Complete with mast, striped sails, cutaway rail and deck, your little buccan..

$1,113.00 $999.00

Pirate Wardrobe with 2 Doors and Bookcase -1%

Pirate Wardrobe with 2 Doors and Bookcase

SEAWORTHY CONSTRUCTION: Red and navy colors accent durable chestnut woodgrain veneer finish over pr..

$911.00 $899.00

Pirate Chest with 4 drawers -6%

Pirate Chest with 4 drawers

THREE-COLOR STYLE: Red, Navy Blue, and Chestnut woodgrain veneers combine to create that authentic ..

$608.00 $569.00

Pirate Nightstand -9%

Pirate Nightstand

PIRATE THEME: From the chestnut woodgrain and red veneer finish to the antique brass ring drawer pu..

$218.00 $199.00

Pirate Desk with Unit -7%

Pirate Desk with Unit

3 COLOR PIRATE STYLE: Premium MDF boards with tri-color chestnut woodgrain, navy blue, and red vene..

$571.00 $530.00

Pirate Mirror -7%

Pirate Mirror

NAUTICAL STYLE: In the shape of a ship’s wheel, this mirror adds a nautical touch to your pirate ca..

$124.00 $115.00

Table Lamp -7%

Table Lamp

WHITE LAMP SHADE: The white of a ship’s sail, this shade is oblong in shape is sized perfectly to s..

$134.00 $125.00

Ceiling Lamp -7%

Ceiling Lamp

WHITE LAMP SHADE: Unique oblong shape and sail white color blend with the ship’s theme, and allows ..

$121.00 $112.00