BeanBag quality

The constant development of the company, the increase in demand for our products and the increasing demands for performance and service standards motivate distribution channel for continued investment in the development of the company. The company is constantly developing our machine park toward the automation and computerization of manufacturing processes. Casual modern machines are used, among others, automatic cut-fabrics and leathers, supported by computer. All produced designs are digitized, and the design is done exclusively using the latest software. This allows designs created by designers can be rapidly deployed to production, and projects can be flexibly modified and tested in many variants. Optimizing the design and production allows for continuous improvement of service standards, business partners and the dynamic response to their needs and new ideas.

Large-scale production, qualified staff and modern and powerful machines provide further flexibility of the production process. With these attributes we are able to meet even the biggest challenges always maintaining impeccable quality and punctual delivery.



Our business strategy is realized in a socially responsible way, taking into account the needs of employees, customers, suppliers and the social environment and the environment. Our products are made only from the highest quality materials, manufactured technologies are safe for the environment and for the users.